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Stewart Harper – Director

A chartered company secretary, Stewart has held a range of directorial and non-executive board positions in his long career that began in the educational sector. That career has taken him to the top level of large businesses, community organisations, universities and consultancies, providing leadership and governance support for some of the biggest success stories in the country.

Educational governance and leadership

Stewart’s career in educational governance and leadership is long and distinguished. He is currently non-executive director of two academy trusts and has in the past risen to Deputy University Secretary of Leeds Beckett University.

Led by a chartered company secretary with extensive experience in a range of executive, company secretarial and senior directorial positions, we emphasise extensive, high-level expertise in the governance function.

Too often, this important function can get lumped in with accounting and legal services, resulting in a less focused approach by professionals without the specific expertise.

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance is the set of policies, processes and practices that guide the way an organisation is directed and governed. These sets of rules and guides control the way the company is governed and the objectives of that government. They can include rules set from within the company and compliance with external requirements in the form of legal and industrial requirements and policies.

The benefits of good corporate governance

Improved executive-level decision-making – Good governance guides company decision-makers in their choices, laying out priority objectives to achieve as well as boundaries to stay within. Actions and objectives can also be prioritised more easily and therefore decisions are more likely to be correct.

Risk reduction – Good governance improves the security and stability of the company and reduces risk factors like debt, malpractice and poor communication. In the bad times, governance processes lay out paths to recovery.

Capital cost reduction – It is a universal truth that lower risk means cheaper capital acquisition. Lenders, investors, partners and suppliers are also drawn to well-governed organisations, providing more choice and negotiating power.

Improved strategic planning – Company strategists can access critical information quickly and communicate with other important stakeholders smoothly in a well-governed business. Long-term objectives and the requisite steps to achieving them are also clearer. This allows for more effective strategising.

Improved internal controls – Good governance builds controls within a company. Directors, managers and executives in a well-directed company can be sure that they are supported by an environment of adept management.

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