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Implement the best corporate governance structures and policies for your organisation. Grow your business and reduce your regulatory headaches.

What are the business benefits of good governance?

Our approach

We focus exclusively on supporting great governance.

We become familiar with our clients’ businesses, governance practices and systems in order to harness and improve them.

We provide a bespoke, professional service adapted to client goals and plans.

Improved executive-level decision-making

Good governance guides company decision-makers in their choices, laying out priority objectives to achieve as well as boundaries to stay within. Actions and objectives can also be prioritised more easily and therefore decisions are more likely to be correct.

Risk reduction

Good governance improves the security and stability of the company and reduces risk factors like debt, malpractice and poor communication. In the bad times, governance processes lay out paths to recovery.

Capital cost reduction

It’s a universal truth that lower risk means cheaper capital acquisition. Lenders, investors, partners and suppliers are also drawn to well-governed organisations, providing more choice and negotiating power.

Improved strategic planning

Company strategists can access critical information quickly and communicate with other important stakeholders smoothly in a well-governed business. Long-term objectives and the requisite steps to achieving them are also clearer. This allows for more effective strategising.

Improved internal controls

Good governance builds controls within a company. Directors, managers and executives in a well-managed company can be sure that they are supported by an environment of adept control.

Our Services

All of our services are delivered bespoke according to client needs and objectives, based on deep insight and careful review.

We handle a wide range of governance and compliance issues beyond those listed.

Governance and Compliance

Negotiations and documentation

  • Company incorporation
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Development of board packs
  • Regulatory filings

Structures and policy

  • Company restructures
  • Schemes of delegation
  • Reviews of governance structures
  • Training on directors’ duties
  • Analysis of governance against relevant (sector-specific) regulatory codes or requirements

Risk Management

  • Risk management
  • Risk assurance framework establishment and review

Company Secretarial Services

  • Our director is a Chartered Company Secretary qualified through the Chartered Governance Institute.

What People Are Saying

Michael Mateer, CEO of

“Stewart is an exceptional Non-Executive in all aspects of governance and risk management experience. I have personally experienced his high calibre approach to dealing with a wide range of companies and boards ensuring the best outcomes.

It’s a rare character trait to find both expertise in governance, risk management experience and a willingness to “roll up sleeves” to get stuck in. Stewart has both these valuable traits.”

John Drysdale, Managing Director at No Guru

“I would absolutely recommend Stewart to organisations who want to do the right thing as well as do things right. He can take the pain away from all things relating to good governance and compliance and also add immense value in helping you achieve your strategic aims and aspirations.”

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Stewart Harper – Director, Cardno Management Services

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